At IMT Lille Douai, higher-level technicians with 3 years of professional experience can obtain the Mines Douai general engineering degree through a continuing education degree course.

Admission is decided by a panel following a selection procedure.

Selection is open to professionals with a High School Diploma + 2 qualification (or equivalent) and who can prove they have at least 3 years of professional experience in keeping with the sectors targeted by our degree.


The candidate submit his application before 2018, March 23rd, including:

  • the application form and the required official administrative papers
  • a resumé
  • a cover letter
  • employer’s certificates to justify the acquired professional experience

After the examination of the received applications, the panel lists the candidates who can take the admissions exams. The admissions exams take place on 2018, May 24th or 25th and consist in:

  • Mathematics oral test (30 min preparation + 30 min interview)
  • Physics oral test (30 min preparation + 30 min interview)
  • Interview with a panel (25 min)
  • English written test (such as TOEIC)

The documents required for your application are to be asked to the admissions service:  admissions@imt-lille-douai.fr, tél. (+33) 3 27 71 20 27.

Candidates can prepare the scientific exams thanks to the self-education platform: http://fcdd.mines-douai.fr/moodle/course/index.php?categoryid=61



Department of Studies and Education

Admissions service

03 27 71 20 27