Preparatory class student

General Engineering Studies

The main pathway to the IMT Lille Douai engineering program is the admission in the 1st year of the engineering cycle (high school diploma + 3) after a preparatory class.


logo concours mines télécomThe Mines-Télécom entrance exam is the main pathway to the IMT Lille Douai engineering program. This entrance exam is arranged for 12 schools based on a separate ranking for each of the MP, PC, PES, PT, TIS, ATS (Higher technician) and BCPES courses of study, for recruiting students from the second year of preparatory classes (Maths specialism) or who have an equivalent education.

The entrance exam consists of written ‘eligibility’ exams and oral admission exams. Candidates register via the SCEI-Concours website. The entrance exam leaflet contains all the details and instructions to be followed by candidates.

MP, PC and PES candidates registered and eligible for the Mines-Télécom and Mines-Ponts entrance exams only take the Mines-Ponts entrance exams, as their results for these exams are taken into account for establishing the final ranking.

The other candidates eligible for these courses of study, and the PT candidates take specific oral exams organised in Paris and Évry (candidates can choose where to take them).

After the exams (written then oral), candidates rank the schools they wish to join in preferential order on the SCEI-Concours website and should track the offers which start to come through at the beginning of July until the end of August on the same website


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