Preparatory class student

Specialist engineering apprenticeship

IMT Lille Douai offers various specialized engineering programs as apprentice. These programs can be joined in the 1st year of the engineering cycle (high school diploma + 3).


Two specialist engineer apprenticeship courses are accessible by application to graduate school preparatory students:

There are four stages in the admission/selection procedure:

1 – Application submitted between the end of December and mid-March at 

Application fees are €70 for the 1st course requested and €20 per additional course.

For scholarship candidates, the application fees are €20 for the 1st application and €10 per additional application.

2 – For candidates short-listed by the panel, selection continues at IMT Lille Douai at the end of March and is composed of tests and an interview.

3 – A panel is formed which issues the list of candidates eligible for an apprenticeship during the second fortnight in April.

4 – The candidate signs an apprenticeship agreement with a company which amounts to a final acceptance.


The exams are designed so that they do not give an advantage to any profile type.
As soon as the apprenticeship agreement has been concluded, apprentices do not have to pay any registration fees.

Apprentices are finally given ‘admitted’ status only once the apprenticeship agreement is signed.



Apprenticeship courses in partnership with ISPA and InGHenia

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