Preparatory class student

Specialist engineering apprenticeship

IMT Lille Douai offers various specialized engineering programs as apprentice. These programs can be joined in the 1st year of the engineering cycle (high school diploma + 3).


Becoming an engineer specialising in Plastics Processing and Composite Materials

The e3a entrance exam (MP – PC – PES preparatory classes) and the ‘Banque de notes PT’ entrance exam allow access to a Plastics Processing and Composite Materials apprenticeship course at IMT Lille Douai (in partnership with the ISPA).

Around 60 students at a high school diploma + 2 level (Preparatory classes, DUT, BTS, L2) join this course per year.

Students from graduate school preparatory classes can register for the PT and e3a entrance exams from December 2017 to January 2018 on the SCEI-concours website.

After the written exams, the interviews take place in Paris, Alençon and Douai from June to July (dates to be confirmed on the scei-concours website).



Apprenticeship courses in partnership with ISPA and InGHenia

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