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IMT Lille Douai: innovative learning methods to train tomorrow’s engineers.
Innovative teaching methods are central to IMT LILLE Douai’s courses. Open learning approaches, such as Escape Classrooms, flipped classrooms, MOOCs, serious games and agile methods, mean that IMT Lille Douai engineers play an active role in their own education.


IMT Lille Douai offers a comprehensive range of courses for different audiences:

General Engineering Degree

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IMT Lille Douai’s  General Engineering Degree will be open to full-time or work-study students from the 2018/2019 school year. Full-time student admissions will be selective for those having completed a science Baccalaureate (Bac S), a graduate school preparatory class (CPGE), DUT, or admission on individual merit to year 3.

The IMT Lille Douai Engineering syllabus gives students an active role to build their future, with module-based programmes and individual support for each student.

Each student selects a combination of units worth a certain number of credit units to eventually acquire the technical skills related to IMT’s 4 key subject areas and cross-cutting skills, such as management, communication and economics, etc.

4 specialised engineering degrees open to apprenticeships:

5 specialised Master’s degrees accredited by the French Institute of Graduate Schools (CGE):

Manipulations en laboratoire

Doctoral studies

IMT Lille Douai is accredited to award Doctoral degrees in two regional Doctoral Schools: Science for Engineers (SPI) and Materials, Radiation and Environmental  Sciences (SMRE)

Vocational training courses

Existing, or bespoke, on-campus or on-line courses for working engineers and technicians.