Apprenticeship engineers

Civil engineering and railway systems

France’s only engineering course specialising in civil engineering and railway systems, runs over 3-years in school/workplace and apprenticeship formats. IMT Lille Douai is authorised by the CTI to run this course and award degrees, in partnership with InGHenia.

The course is open to students holding two-year higher education diplomas (L, DUT, BTS, Special Maths).



Apprentices are recruited by host companies in the railway industry, but also network operators, certification bodies, as well as consulting and engineering firms.

As a result, apprentices from MT Lille Douai, in partnership with InGHenia, complete their apprentice training with Colas Rail (Bouygues), SNCF infra, Eiffage Rail, ETF (Vinci), Meccoli, Egis Rail, EPSF, Ingerop, Eurotunnel Group and Geismar. Student apprentices are assigned to small-scale civil engineering services, railway and guided system infrastructure, signalling, power supply (overhead lines), tracks (ballast, points, track equipment), methods, logistics, maintenance, quality, safety, the environment and consultancy firms, etc. They work on organisation tasks, planning, optimising, management, strategy and must include technical, scientific and economic aspects.
Examples of internship subjects: optimising construction sites, continuous improvements to maintenance, optimising logistics, project quality, improvements in production working conditions, environmental assessments, railway safety and risk management, etc.

Job prospects

Aim: six months after graduating, all young engineers specialising in civil engineering and railway systems will find employment in the railway, guided systems infrastructure sector or the service industry (certification bodies, consultancy firms, etc.).

Student apprentices go on to work in areas such as railway maintenance, quality, methods, project management, R&D, logistics, safety and the environment. Their skills enable them to manage, supervise and develop railway and guided system infrastructure projects, as well as introducing continuous improvement processes.

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