Apprenticeship engineers

Civil engineering and railway systems

France’s only engineering course specialising in civil engineering and railway systems, runs over 3-years in school/workplace and apprenticeship formats. IMT Lille Douai is authorised by the CTI to run this course and award degrees, in partnership with InGHenia.

The course is open to students holding two-year higher education diplomas (L, DUT, BTS, Special Maths).


The course is authorised by the French Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs and awards students with an engineering degree from IMT Lille Douai, specialising in civil engineering and railway infrastructure.

The course enrols 20 students per year.

A 3-year study syllabus alternates between the school and the workplace. The school/workplace schedule varies over the 3-years and is tailored to the needs of companies. The study programme is modular and includes individual monitoring of students’ progress (tutorials at the school and in the workplace).

Students studying this course are paid employees (apprenticeship contract).

This course is designed for students holding two-year higher education diplomas (DUT, BTS, DEUG/L2, Special Maths), interested in railway infrastructure. The course is consequently geared to construction, maintenance and  renewal of railways or guided system, as well as related signalling.

Students secure jobs in design, maintenance, quality, project management, R&D, logistics and safety, etc. Our engineers work in all sectors of railways, guided systems infrastructure and services (certification bodies, consultancy firms, etc.).

Average starting salaries are around €38k per year.