Apprenticeship engineers

Computing and Telecommunications

The apprenticeship study programme accepts students/apprentices for three-year courses, who join the engineering study programme directly for Years 3 to 5.

Students cannot join directly in Years 4 and 5.

The selection process for the course is mainly open to students with technological training backgrounds (DUT and BTS diplomas).

The advantage of this course is that it alternates periods at school and in the workplace. Apprenticeship students benefit from structured professional experience and robust education on scientific, technological and human subjects


The information and communication technology market

Rapid growth in information and communication technology over the last few years, has had significant repercussions for all business sectors and companies. This technology develops very quickly and provides people with a continuous stream of new products and services. The vibrant digital information and computing sector offers a wide range of career paths and opportunities.

Technology environments can be highly varied, such as networks, computing, telecommunications, embedded systems, information systems, human-machine interfaces, the internet, smartphones, security systems, image processing, mobility, optical transmission, RFID, microwaves, video games and virtual reality, etc.

Job prospects

Companies that employ our graduates use digital information and communication services (banks, insurance companies, distribution firms, building companies and administrations, etc.). They are also service providers (telecommunication operators, consultancy firms and editors, etc.), or service development companies (SDC).

After graduating

School/workplace study programmes arm students with 3-years professional experience. This gives our graduate engineers proper operational abilities upon leaving the school and they quickly find jobs. Almost three-quarters of graduates find employment before their studies are finished.

Gross annual wages are around 36,000 euros and in terms of pay increases, salaries virtually double in a decade.