Apprenticeship engineers

Computing and Telecommunications

The apprenticeship study programme accepts students/apprentices for three-year courses, who join the engineering study programme directly for Years 3 to 5.

Students cannot join directly in Years 4 and 5.

The selection process for the course is mainly open to students with technological training backgrounds (DUT and BTS diplomas).

The advantage of this course is that it alternates periods at school and in the workplace. Apprenticeship students benefit from structured professional experience and robust education on scientific, technological and human subjects


Are you studying a DUT or a BTS and want to continue your studies as an apprentice?

A paid and supervised training course

Apprenticeship admissions require the prior signing of a contract between the apprentice and employer. Training content is validated by the school and the contract is then registered with the Chamber of Trade and Industry to become legally binding. This apprenticeship contract constitutes a fixed-term employment contract, in which:

The employer agrees to take part in training the apprentice and pay them a salary between 53 to 78% of the minimum wage. The employer nominates an apprenticeship supervisor who must meet strict education attainment and professional experience criteria.

The apprentice agrees to work for their employer, study the course provided by the school and sit exams

Selection process

Selection tests for the apprenticeship study programme are mainly open to future DUT-holders, in electrical engineering and industrial computing, networks and telecommunications, physical and computerised measures, as well as BTS students having studied digital systems.

Future holders of other technology diplomas, or other DUT specialities, general or professional undergraduate degrees, can be shortlisted for the selection process, so long as they have a sufficient level of mathematics and electronic or computing knowledge corresponding to the courses in our syllabus.

Upon signing the apprenticeship contract, applicants must be at least 26 years old, and hold two-year higher education diplomas. Students are only enrolled once the apprenticeship contract is signed.