Apprenticeship engineers

Industrial engineering

This engineering degree course, specialising in industrial engineering runs on a 3-year school/workplace basis, with an apprenticeship. IMT Lille Douai is authorised by the CTI to award the degree. The course is open to students holding a two-year higher education diploma (L, DUT, BTS, Special Maths).

MT Lille Douai is responsible for the school/workplace course for engineers studying industrial engineering, run in partnership with inGHenia.


The school prioritises teaching English and international internships.

So that apprentice-engineers make marked improvements in English, the school organises a 2-week language-learning trip with an English university, at the end Year 1. The school organises and pays for this study trip, which combines practical workshops and cultural activities.

At the end of Year 2, students complete an international internship. This internship lasts between 8 and 12 weeks. It develops cultural openness and encourages people to use a foreign language (English being the key language), to improve independence and understanding in business.