Apprenticeship engineers

Plastics processing and composite materials

IMT Lille Douai is responsible for the school/workplace course for engineers in Plastics Processing and Composites, jointly administered by the ISPA (Higher Education Institute for Plastics Processing, in Alençon)

This course is authorised by the French Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs, and awards IMT Lille Douai engineering degrees, specialising in Plastics Processing and Composites, after a 3-year apprenticeship study programme.


Employability and business sectors

After completing their studies, students go on to various occupations, such as head of production, head of methods and industrialisation, project manager or quality manager. They also become R&D managers or consultants.

Plastics and composites companies employing graduates operate in a wide variety of sectors. These include, the automotive industry, construction, perfumes and cosmetics, sports and leisure, aeronautics, medical, packing, domestic appliances, food and telecommunications.

Starting salaries range between €30k and €35k per year.