Apprenticeship engineers

Plastics processing and composite materials

IMT Lille Douai is responsible for the school/workplace course for engineers in Plastics Processing and Composites, jointly administered by the ISPA (Higher Education Institute for Plastics Processing, in Alençon)

This course is authorised by the French Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs, and awards IMT Lille Douai engineering degrees, specialising in Plastics Processing and Composites, after a 3-year apprenticeship study programme.


An international dimension is key to IMT Lille Douai and the ISPA’s teaching. Apprentice-engineers benefit from IMT Lille Douai’s international network of partners to hone their skills on the international stage.

Students must complete an 8-week international internship during the syllabus, ideally at the end of Year 2. In 2016, student-engineers undertook  their internships in 17 different countries.

Apprentices can benefit from Erasmus or Leonardo da Vinci grants, or financial aid from Normandy Regional Council to fund their international internships.