Apprenticeship engineers

Plastics processing and composite materials

IMT Lille Douai is responsible for the school/workplace course for engineers in Plastics Processing and Composites, jointly administered by the ISPA (Higher Education Institute for Plastics Processing, in Alençon)

This course is authorised by the French Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs, and awards IMT Lille Douai engineering degrees, specialising in Plastics Processing and Composites, after a 3-year apprenticeship study programme.


A course in partnership with the ISPA

The ISPA and IMT Lille Douai are long-standing partners, with the shared ambition of training engineers capable of ‘re-inventing’ the plastics processing industry in France and worldwide.

Our engineers are trained and primed for new materials, ever more high-performance products and increasingly innovative processes.

This sector is constantly developing. There is widespread demand to use plastic materials in many areas of the economy. As a result, there are many job opportunities for corresponding engineers, in production, designing new systems, R&D, in transport or packing, construction, food processing, chemicals, the automotive industry, sport and leisure, or the biomedical sector. New materials, derived from quite unexpected developments, also arrive on the market through processes, like green chemistry.