General engineering studies

IMT Lille Douai trains general engineers with a strong digital content, leading to a general engineering degree.

The course is taught on a module-basis, to permit students to customise their courses. Internships throughout the syllabus enable students put their knowledge into practice, and build up a portfolio of professional skills during their studies.


Get ready to find your first job

IMT Lille Douai takes great care in providing engineering students with a support process that focuses on professional skills, preparing them to look for employment and work for the first time.

To do this, students can attend workshops and training courses throughout their syllabus, including:

  • defining career paths
  • self-awareness and understanding the engineering sector
  • job search techniques
  • preparing for recruitment interviews
  • simulated recruitment procedures

Students have regular one-to-one interviews throughout their studies at the school, to help assess their aims and achievements.

Graduate life*

Graduate occupations

Graduate job sectors

*based on a CGE survey of alumni in 2017 from the Mines Douai and Télécom Lille schools, 6-months after graduating