General engineering studies

IMT Lille Douai trains general engineers with a strong digital content, leading to a general engineering degree.

The course is taught on a module-basis, to permit students to customise their courses. Internships throughout the syllabus enable students put their knowledge into practice, and build up a portfolio of professional skills during their studies.


More than one year’s work experience before graduating

In each year of the syllabus, there is an 8-24-week internship on a specific theme, to give student engineers professional experience:

  • Internship 1: 8 weeks – an introduction to business
  • Internship 2: 8 to 12 weeks – topic based on one of the school’s 4 key subject areas.
  • Internship 3: 12 weeks – on support functions for CPGE entrants or students admitted on individual merit (e.g. sales and marketing, corporate communication, etc.), or an introduction to business for students joining with 2 years higher education experience.
  • Internship 4: 16 weeks – based on assistant engineer duties and subjects
  • Internship 5: 24 weeks – final year project

All internships, with the exception of internship 1, can be undertaken abroad and are scheduled at the end of the school year to give students the option of extending them during the summer.

Workplace experience throughout the syllabus

In addition to internships, the IMT Lille Douai engineering degree syllabus enables students to work with business in a number of ways:

  • numerous guest speakers from the business world
  • student projects, contracts and regular joint-working arrangements with private businesses and professional bodies
  • introduction to economic and social sciences (economics, management, etc.)
  • preparing to look for a job and start working for the first time.
  • individual support (tutors and ex-students in business)
  • job interview simulation and HR day with partner companies
  • contributions from the Alumni network to the course and school life
  • enterprise forums
  • etc.