General engineering studies

IMT Lille Douai trains general engineers with a strong digital content, leading to a general engineering degree.

The course is taught on a module-basis, to permit students to customise their courses. Internships throughout the syllabus enable students put their knowledge into practice, and build up a portfolio of professional skills during their studies.


Tuition fees

Annual tuition fees for full-time students studying engineering at IMT Lille Douai are €2,150 for EU nationals.

Social security cover is an additional €217 (2017 figure).

Student social security cover (as applicable) is an additional €217 (2017-2018 figure).

Apprenticeship students are exempt from tuition fees.

Students enrolled on vocational courses are exempt from tuition fees. Their employers cover the final costs of their courses.


IMT Lille Douai students can apply for grants and tuition fee exemptions. Grant applications must be made when applying for courses. Applications are subject to the same eligibility criteria as those made to the CROUS.

Please note that non-EU students registered at a university with an existing exchange agreement with MT Lille Douai, are subject to the conditions in this agreement.