General engineering studies

IMT Lille Douai trains general engineers with a strong digital content, leading to a general engineering degree.

The course is taught on a module-basis, to permit students to customise their courses. Internships throughout the syllabus enable students put their knowledge into practice, and build up a portfolio of professional skills during their studies.


IMT Lille Douai offers students the chance to complete their final year as part of a professional training contract.

This study option enables students to spend alternate 4-week periods in the workplace and at the school, until the final year project of 24 consecutive weeks with a private company.

Why choose a professional training contract?

Students on professional training contracts are paid and employed by a company. Upon completing their studies, students are completely operational and trained in business methods. They also have considerable experience.

Professional training contracts also enable companies to allocate student-engineers large-scale projects to be undertaken over a given period.

The aim of professional training contracts is to promote the employment of young people in enterprise.

Students and companies sign a contract and attach a training agreement between the company and IMT Lille Douai as an appendix. Students on professional training contracts spend alternate 4-week study and work periods during Semester 1 in the final year of their engineering degree programme. They then carry out a final year project with their company for 6 consecutive months.