Lifelong learning

In-school training courses

IMT Lille Douai organises long and short-term skills training sessions, as well as technique information day-events for:

  • company managers and technicians
  • engineers and technical managers
  • officers working with the DRIRE, DREAL or DIRECCTE
  • technician job-seekers



Quality certificate issued by the French Graduate Schools (B.A.D.G.E) in Industrial Metrology

In partnership with AFNOR Compétences, IMT Lille Douai offers a one-semester course resulting in a B.A.D.G.E certification in Industrial Metrology, accredited by the French  Institute of Graduate Schools:

  • 250 scheduled hours from January to September,
  • Based on an average school/workplace training programme of 2.5 days every 2 weeks

The aim is to train company employees with basic experience in control and quality operations likely to take on responsibilities for metrology in their companies.

Who can apply?

To register for this course, resulting in a B.A.D.G.E. certification in Industrial Metrology awarded by the French Institute of Graduate Schools, applicants must hold:

  • An undergraduate degree, or
  • A two-year higher education diploma + 3-years professional experience, or
  • A one-year higher education diploma + 5-years professional experience

How do I apply?

To join the B.A.D.G.E Industrial Metrology course, candidates can download the application form from the following link:  BADGE IM application form

What happens once the course is finished?

Once students have successfully completed this specialist training course, they will receive a B.A.D.G.E certificate in Industrial Metrology, awarded by the French Institute of Graduate Schools.

With their Metrology skills formally recognised, BADGE IM graduates can work in various technical jobs involving metrology, control or quality, where they can:

  • process all measurement results to assess measurement process uncertainty and demonstrate the measurement process capabilities,
  • organise a company’s metrology operations in relation to identified measuring requirements,
  • carry out metrology audits

These skills also apply to manufacturing companies complying with the ISO 9001 quality standards, or ISO 17025-certified analytical and test laboratories.

In time, course graduates can become laboratory calibration, test, control or metrology laboratory managers, or metrology auditors.



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