Lifelong learning

In-school training courses

IMT Lille Douai organises long and short-term skills training sessions, as well as technique information day-events for:

  • company managers and technicians
  • engineers and technical managers
  • officers working with the DRIRE, DREAL or DIRECCTE
  • technician job-seekers



Scheduled or bespoke training courses for companies

IMT Lille Douai provides its experience and expertise to company managers and technicians to upgrade or develop their skills in its 4 areas of expertise:

  • Digital
  • Processes for industry and services
  • Energy and environment
  • Materials (including civil engineering, plastics processing and composites, etc.)

Inter-company training courses

IMT Lille Douai offers almost 80 scheduled course sessions throughout the school year. Additional sessions can be run on request.

Intra-company training courses

If you cannot find what you are looking for among our listed training courses, contact us and we’ll put together bespoke training courses in our specialities. Whatever option you choose, we can develop a training course with you that matches your needs.

Listed training courses for Ministry of Industry staff

IMT LIlle Douai is a recognised training centre for the French Ministry of Industry. The school also organises training courses for managers and state-employed specialist technicians in various technical areas, as well as quality, computing and management.



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