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IMT Lille Douai offers blended learning courses, that promote interactivity and provide a degree of flexibility, while helping you manage your time to find the right study-work-life balance.

Students can chat to each other online, use forums and their messaging services, but also communicate with their lecturers too. We always try to be as responsive as possible for non real-time activities. You can download a range of media (pdf docs, videos, soundtracks interactive diagrams) and there are self-assessment tools available to adapt to each student’s constraints, meaning that people can learn at their own pace. Tests and exams are held on the school premises.

Our blended learning module is comprehensive and structured. It is uses various complementary formats that enable us to meet individual requirements. Our key success factors include, system reliability, learning support, and student time management.


Training course in Information Security: 20 risks and counter-measures

Target groups

Anyone wanting to protect sensitive information

Admission requirements



6 course hours over approximately one month


€490 excl. VAT

Start date

to suit


  • Understand the importance of information security at work and at home
  • Assess threats and risks
  • Contribute to a secure environment
  • Minimise everyday risks

Study programme

This practical, hands-on, training course covers 20 risks related to weaknesses in the security of your information and related counter-measures.

A security advisor illustrates potential threats by presenting a concrete example for each of the 20 risks, together with their analysis and counter-measures to help protect yourself.

Risks covered:

Personal connected devices in the workplace, passwords, arranging your office space, online purchasing, travelling abroad, cloud computing, social networks, identity theft, teleworking, lack of privacy, physical information protection measures, viruses and trojan malware, corporate visits, equipment failures, electronic mail, phishing, rumours, fake recruitment, dismissals, smartphones.


  • This course is available exclusively online, with no need to travel to the school
  • Self-assessment procedure prior to starting the course
  • 15 minutes of tutored self-study per day, at a time of your choosing
  • Personalised tutoring and web seminars presented by our security specialist
  • Your commitment to implement counter-measures tailored to your activities



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