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Online learning

IMT Lille Douai offers blended learning courses, that promote interactivity and provide a degree of flexibility, while helping you manage your time to find the right study-work-life balance.

Students can chat to each other online, use forums and their messaging services, but also communicate with their lecturers too. We always try to be as responsive as possible for non real-time activities. You can download a range of media (pdf docs, videos, soundtracks interactive diagrams) and there are self-assessment tools available to adapt to each student’s constraints, meaning that people can learn at their own pace. Tests and exams are held on the school premises.

Our blended learning module is comprehensive and structured. It is uses various complementary formats that enable us to meet individual requirements. Our key success factors include, system reliability, learning support, and student time management.


Professional undergraduate degree in Networks and Telecommunications: Full IP Architecture, from the University of Lille, in partnership with IMT Lille Douai

Target groups

Specialist Service Platforms Technicians
, Supervisory, Operations Technicians and Network Administrators, etc.

Admission requirements

Two-year higher education diplomas in networks and telecommunications (validation of professional experience possible)

Admissions based on selection tests


A total of 660 course hours, over approximately 9 months


€9,455 excl. VAT (university registration fee included)

Start date

November 2018


French undergraduate degree (Level 2) awarded by the University of Lille

Degree title: Professional degree in Networks and Telecommunications, Specialising in Full IP Architecture


  • To ensure the management of good quality end-to-end services
  • Understand malfunctions related to IP network complexity
  • Make the right assessment for efficient, corrective action

Study programme

  • Networks
  • Database management systems
  • Interconnections
  • Service architecture
  • Project management
  • Network operations
  • Communication
  • Servers
  • IP telecom services


This blended learning course dovetails with your job:

  • 7 weeks in-class learning.
  • e-Learning modules accessible throughout the course.
  • 6-weeks work experience

A total of 660 course hours over approximately 9 months.



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