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IMT Lille Douai: innovative learning methods to train tomorrow’s engineers.
Innovative teaching methods are central to IMT LILLE Douai’s courses. Open learning approaches, such as Escape Classrooms, flipped classrooms, MOOCs, serious games and agile methods, mean that IMT Lille Douai engineers play an active role in their own education.


Master’s degree in Research

IMT Lille Douai offers student engineers the possibility of adding to their knowledge by studying a Master’s degree in Research during their final study year, subject to satisfactory grades.

Each year, around ten Research Master’s degree students are supervised in laboratories. The university’s departments offer a range of subjects to students.

PhD programmes

IMT Lille Douai is certified to award doctorates. The school is a member of two doctoral schools:

  • Science for Engineers (SPI)
  • Material, Radiation and Environmental Sciences (SMRE)

150 PhD students are supervised in IMT Lille Douai laboratories and more than 30 theses are defended each year.

Consult PhD subjects for the coming year at PhD opportunities.