Specialised Master’s degrees

IMT Lille Douai offers scientific Master’s degree graduates an additional one-year course to specialise in a specific field. These specialist Master’s degree programmes are accredited by the French Institute of Graduate Schools and qualify students to work as Technical Directors, or Project Managers in their chosen area of expertise.

IMT Lille Douai offers 5 specialist postgraduate Master’s degree courses in subject areas that are key to digital, energy and industrial transition processes.


Concrete industry products and processes

The specialist Master’s degree in Concrete Industry Products and Processes is accredited by the French Institute of Graduate Schools.

Learning goals

The aim of the course is to train specialist senior engineers proficient in industrial civil engineering tools and methods, open to corporate culture and able to manage projects that combine production and new technology in the concrete industry. The course enables students to understand and master concrete industry products, together with related construction techniques.

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Study programme

The programme comprises 434 hours of tuition, including theory-based, practical learning and research for a scientific and technical project.

After validating their studies, students complete their final project with a company in France, or abroad (from March to September).

Theory-based and practical tuition is split into 3 course units (UE):

TU 1 – Concrete materials:

  • In-depth studies on concrete substances

TU 2 – Concrete industry products and processes:

  • Related construction techniques (lectures by professionals from the CERIB and FIB)

TU 3 – Management and logistics

  • HQE policy
  • Project-based management
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain management

Scientific and technical project – 140 hours

  • Jointly tutored by the French Concrete Industry Federation and the IMT Lille Douai Department of Civil Engineering and the Environment

Final project


The course content is equally split between IMT Lille Douai lecturers and professionals working in the concrete industry, including:

  • French Concrete Industry Federation
  • CERIB – Study and Research Centre for the Concrete Industry

The concrete industry represents companies that manufacture products made in static concrete plants and market them for the construction, public works and environmental sectors.

The industry is the biggest employer in the quarrying and materials sector. In European terms, the concrete industry generates a pre-tax turnover of 31 billion euros and comprises 8,000 plants, employing more than 210,000 workers.

In France, it accounts for 634 companies and 906 plants, producing 32 million tonnes of products each year.

Of the 20,000 workers employed in the French concrete industry, 15% are managers and engineers.

Job prospects

After completing the specialist Master’s degree in « Concrete Industry Products and Processes », graduates find employment in the following occupations:

  • Business Director
    , Research Director
    , Production Director
    and Project Director,

Application requirements

Applicants must hold:

  • A postgraduate engineering degree authorised by the CTI (Master’s degree level)
  • 2-year university Master’s degrees (French M2 level)
  • 1-year university Master’s degree (French M1 level), or a 1-year Master’s degree and three years professional experience
  • Equivalent international degrees (5 years high education studies)

Admissions selection schedule

Session 1: June, 1st
Session 2: September, 1st


Application fee: €60 incl. VAT
Full-time students: €6,500 incl. VAT
Vocational training students: €12,500 incl. VAT

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Administrative contact person:
Marie-Françoise DEBEUNNE 
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