Specialised Master’s degrees

IMT Lille Douai offers scientific Master’s degree graduates an additional one-year course to specialise in a specific field. These specialist Master’s degree programmes are accredited by the French Institute of Graduate Schools and qualify students to work as Technical Directors, or Project Managers in their chosen area of expertise.

IMT Lille Douai offers 5 specialist postgraduate Master’s degree courses in subject areas that are key to digital, energy and industrial transition processes.


Occupational and Technological risk management

Increasingly robust industrial risk management with the introduction of PPRTs (French technological risk prevention plans), plus inherent constraints on companies and greater vigilance on labour force exposure, requires specialists to be trained to meet corporate needs as they evolve.

Companies are increasingly constrained by their environments (by their own responsibilities, changes to legislation and standards), while striving for increasingly complex technological progress and innovation. These companies therefore need risk prevention specialists able to deal with the technical and scientific aspects of situations, by managing legal constraints and human factors.

The specialist Master’s degree in « Occupational and Technological Risk Management » is accredited by the French Institute of Graduate Schools.

Learning goals

Train specialist senior engineers in hygiene, safety and the environment. Provide the keys and tools needed to address staff occupational health and safety requirements and manage industrial risks by helping to preserve the environment.

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Study programme

The programme comprises 450 hours of tuition, including theory-based, practical learning and research for a multi-disciplinary scientific and technical project.

Theory-based and practical tuition is split into 3 course units (UE):

UE 1 Assessing and managing occupational and technological risks:

  • Identifying and modelling technological and natural hazards
  • Occupational risk assessment (workplace accidents, work-related illnesses)
  • Toxicology
  • Radiation protection

UE 2 Legal expertise in industrial risks:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • ICPE insurance (classified facilities for environmental protection)

UE 3 Risk management tools in industrial organisations:

  • Risk analysis methodologies
  • Environmental management
  • The human and organisational factor (HOF)

Scientific and technological project – 140 hours

  • Jointly tutored by industry professionals and teacher-researchers from IMT Lille Douai

Final project – minimum 25 weeks


The course prepares students to be consultants, project or risk managers, equipped with the following knowledge and skills:

  • ICPE regulations (classified facilities for environmental protection)
  • Environmental law
  • Occupational risk prevention and management
  • Crisis management
  • Technical risk assessment and modelling
  • Assessing natural hazards
  • QHSE management systems
  • HOF
  • Workplace accident and work-related illness risk prevention


  • High-level, expert contributors from industry
  • Specialist contributors in environmental law (working directly with the Faculty of Law at the University of Artois)

Job prospects

After completing the specialist Master’s degree in « Occupational and Technological Risk Management », graduates perform various tasks with high-levels of responsibility in strategic analysis, research and design, project management, or liaising with risk prevention bodies, as:

  • Technical Directors
  • Senior Project Managers
  • etc.

Application requirements

Applicants must hold:

  • A postgraduate engineering degree authorised by the CTI (Master’s degree level)
  • 2-year university Master’s degrees (French M2 level)
  • 1-year university Master’s degree (French M1 level), or a 1-year Master’s degree and three years professional experience
  • Equivalent international degrees (5 years high education studies)

Admissions selection schedule

Application deadline:

1st session => June, 1st

2nd session => September, 1st



Full-time students: €6,500 incl. VAT

Vocational training students: €12,500 incl. VAT

Application fee: €60 incl. VAT

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Course information:
+33 (0)3 27 71 26 11

Administrative contact person:
Marie-Françoise DEBEUNNE

+33 (03) 20 33 55 48