Coming to study at IMT Lille Douai

IMT Lille Douai offers many educational, internship and research opportunities to international students, who now represent more than one in every three students.


Lille . 1st – 26th july

Additive Manufacturing of Shapes for Construction, École d’été France Excellence 2019


Co-organised by the National School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture of Lille (ENSAPL, a prominent institution combining traditions and technologies to train both architects and landscape architects of the future), the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the Institut Mines-Télécom Lille Douai (IMT Lille Douai, the largest multi-disciplinary engineering school in Northern France) and the Lille Northern France Higher Education & Research Institutions Association (ComUE LNF), the France Excellence Summer School 3D BUILD 2019 is a strong, innovative 130-hour training programme in line with top-tier research centres in architecture and civil engineering, that focuses on a technological revolution: the additive manufacturing for construction.

>> Website : Additive Manufacturing of Shapes for Construction