International Campus

Our rankings in the professional journals and magazines confirm that one of IMT Lille Douai’s strengths is its international openness.

This openness is founded on exchange agreements with partner universities around the world, hosting international students, internships and academic trips outside our borders and, of course, language courses.


Interculturalism at the heart of our courses

Extending across all kinds of economic activity, the international dimension has established itself as a major essential element of the education provided at IMT Lille Douai, especially in the field of languages, humanities and social science.

Internationalisation obviously applies to markets, products and standards, but will especially apply to the everyday lives of our engineering students. That’s why, as soon as they come to our Institution, we want to teach them to think global, and to be mindful of the culture of every country and accepting of differences. In a word, willing to work in an international country and with international people.

Courses and seminars all year long

Firmly rooted in the International Division, the Languages Department provides a number of specifically tailored courses to prepare our students in practical terms for mobility.

In the 2nd year of the engineering cycle, students had the opportunity to attend several seminars (21 hours each) in English, relating to humanities and social science and which always included a strong intercultural dimension: international marketing international negotiations, geopolitics, intercultural approach, etc.

Also in the 2nd year, a weekly class allowed students to address corporate interculturalism, within multinational teams. The idea was to get them to understand how to build trusting relationships, and avoid conflict, misunderstanding and confusion in an international professional context. Through watching videos, among other things, they were able to analyse behaviour and identify cultural misunderstandings likely to hamper any fruitful cooperation.

Intercultural report workshops

With 30% of its students from abroad, IMT Lille Douai seeks to encourage intercultural exchange between its French and international students. The aim of some of the 2nd year workshops was precisely to enable students to understand inter-culturality in professional situations.

French, Chinese and Brazilian students therefore had the chance to work together on a joint project: producing video reports in English on a variety of topics such as new cultural and sociological trends in France, China and Brazil.

During these workshops, students were able to:

  • Improve their proficiency in written and spoken English
  • Communicate in English in a professional setting
  • Identify their own cultural values for a better understanding of those of other people
  • Acquire skills in terms of managing cultural differences in the context of completing a joint project
  • Question their ethnocentric view and their stereotyping of the ‘Other’.

French as a Foreign Language – an example of inter-culturality

With over 300 international students of around forty nationalities on the campus, cultural intermingling is a reality, which works in two directions. We feel it is crucial that our international students fully benefit from the intercultural dimension by offering them classes in French as a Foreign Language in particular. Not only are these classes compulsory, they are also considered at IMT Lille Douai as a LV2 (2nd foreign language), with the same number of hours and credits as for French students.