International Campus

Our rankings in the professional journals and magazines confirm that one of IMT Lille Douai’s strengths is its international openness.

This openness is founded on exchange agreements with partner universities around the world, hosting international students, internships and academic trips outside our borders and, of course, language courses.


The ‘Maison des Langues’ Language Centre at IMT Lille Douai is over 1,000 m2 and entirely devoted to preparing students culturally and linguistically. A real hub of cultural intermingling, it is also the venue for cultural events with an international aspect.

Every year, several events are held at the ‘Maison des Langues’ Language Centre as part of International Student Week, most notably a conference on the subject of international experiences during education.

International Student Week

Around fifty students attended in November 2016. After shining the spotlight on IMT Lille Douai’s partner universities, various gatherings allowed students to share their experience and discuss the main cultural differences they had come across, working and management methods, and lots of practical information.

Video-conferences were also arranged with IMT Lille Douai alumni stationed abroad and with students on internships abroad. To end the event, there was a great intercultural quiz based on Chinese, French, German and Brazilian specialities!

German culture in the spotlight in 2016

In 2016, the Department of Languages and International Cultures at IMT Lille Douai invited a German volunteer, Carena Barth, to shine the spotlight on German culture. Several projects were set up so that students could familiarise themselves with the language and German culture outside the classroom. A course on German cinema (CinéAllemand) started in November. The aim was to watch films in German and for students to broaden their knowledge of the language and German culture.

Posters were also produced for the Franco-German Day by students on various German courses. Among the many themes were economic and cultural collaboration between France and Germany, Franco-German friendship and the Franco-German tandem. Next there was an exhibition at the ‘Maison des Langues’ Language Centre, together with a discussion on the themes addressed over a coffee. Called « Kaffee ohne Kuchen« , this concept enabled students to debate and express their views verbally in a friendly atmosphere.

A flashmob also took place at the Place d’Armes in Douai for the Franco-German Day on 22 January. Student associations helped to organise this activity. Around twenty students took part in this event which was widely publicised by the Franco-German Youth Office.

The flashmob video is available at: