International Campus

Our rankings in the professional journals and magazines confirm that one of IMT Lille Douai’s strengths is its international openness.

This openness is founded on exchange agreements with partner universities around the world, hosting international students, internships and academic trips outside our borders and, of course, language courses.


A knowledge of languages allows students to communicate as effectively as possible in numerous professional contexts.

IMT Lille Douai students play a full part in their language learning, via project-based workshops and discussion workshops. They can subsequently tailor learning content to their study programme and personal or career plans.

English in every program

For engineering students on a Continuing Education Degree Course

These students have two years to get a TOEIC score of 600, compulsory for obtaining their degree. Most of their English classes focus on grammar, vocabulary and speed reading techniques.

Students who get 600 points can then take the initial education course in the 2nd or 3rd year of the engineering cycle.

For postgraduate students

IMT Lille Douai also offers English lessons to postgraduate students. Throughout their time at the Shool, they have the opportunity, if they so wish, to complete 45 hours of English lessons per year. The focus is on oral communication and inter-culturality.

Over half of our postgraduate students come from international countries such as the Lebanon, China, India, Poland, Morocco and Chile. Such cultural diversity means that students can be regularly placed in collaborative professional and intercultural situations.

Students work on various activities in pairs or in groups of 4:

  • Presentation of cultural life and the educational and political systems in their country
  • Presentation of their research work
  • Business roles
  • Preparation and presentation of a sustainable development project for the creation of an eco-campus.

A second foreign language: a wide choice and real added value

In the job market, a command of English is no longer a differentiating feature. Recruiters take it for granted that young engineers have it. That is why a second (or even a third) language often proves to be a major advantage, mainly in their first job.

At IMT Lille Douai, emphasis has been placed on the 2nd foreign language through a wide choice of languages, including German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and Japanese.

Developing your language skills in a language other than English makes it easier to enter the workplace. In the course of their education, students have the opportunity to confirm their level via certification. Each year, in partnership with the University of Artois, they can study for and take the CLES (Certificate of higher education in language skills) in Spanish and German.

One of very few graduate schools of engineering to offer such a wide choice of modern languages

IMT Lille Douai is one of the very few schools to offer such a wide choice of Modern Foreign Languages (MFL).

Although two languages are compulsory on the general engineering program, a third is still optional. More and more students are, however, opting to study an additional language, offered outside of the timetable.

In 2015-2016, 125 engineering students were introduced to German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese or Italian, demonstrating their outward-looking attitude and their growing interest in languages and international culture.


2nd-year engineering student

« I preferred IMT Lille Douai to the other schools because of its international openness, with its exchange agreements, the admission of international students, the minimum number of months abroad and, of course, the range of foreign languages taught here. So I didn’t think twice about coming all the way across France (I come from Ariège), and naturally I chose to study German as a 3rd language as well as English and Spanish in the first year! «