Research and innovation

IMT Lille Douai’s research and innovation activities ensure that the courses continually adapt to the rapid developments in engineering science and techniques.

Students are involved in the research laboratories throughout their studies. They acquire the foundations of innovation management on projects sponsored by companies and through the unrestricted use of the school’s FabLab. They can pursue their entrepreneurship project further with the incubator and benefit from a developed study programme for student entrepreneurs.

IMT Lille Douai students can supplement their knowledge through research training.


The Engineering and Innovation Centre (Ci²) enables companies to entrust innovative projects to IMT Lille Douai engineering students.

The Ci² is for companies and organisations which are formulating a project. Students choose a project from among the offers and make a project proposal (validation stage) to the company/organisation and the Ci². This evaluation confirms whether there is a good match between the requirement and the return at the end of the project. The project development includes regular progress and scoping meetings with the company/organisation.

During the program, there are timeslots allocated for students to work on projects. They take charge of a project in groups of 4 to 5 students.

The company can therefore access the resources of the CI² technological platform and its management team and work with the engineering students.


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