Research and innovation

IMT Lille Douai’s research and innovation activities ensure that the courses continually adapt to the rapid developments in engineering science and techniques.

Students are involved in the research laboratories throughout their studies. They acquire the foundations of innovation management on projects sponsored by companies and through the unrestricted use of the school’s FabLab. They can pursue their entrepreneurship project further with the incubator and benefit from a developed study programme for student entrepreneurs.

IMT Lille Douai students can supplement their knowledge through research training.


Entrust us with your R&D missions

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IMT Lille Douai has a Research Centre nearly 20,000m², with the Institut Carnot label.

IMT Lille Douai’s 10 teaching and research departments work closely together to provide you with innovative technological solutions to your problems.

The IMT Lille Douai Research Centre is heavily involved in environmental issues (positive energy construction, air quality, sediment recycling, agro-based materials, etc.).

Funding your projects

When you conduct your research and innovation projects with IMT Lille Douai, you benefit from:

  • The CIR*2 for breaking new ground in your projects
  • Theses under a CIFRE agreement (Industrial Agreements for Training through Research)


Innovation and Research Department

Jean-Christophe BAUDEZ

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