Student life

A campus surrounded by vibrant wall-to-wall culture

Lille is one of the youngest and most vibrant cities in France. IMT Lille Douai students are wonderfully well-situated for playing an active part in this exuberant and festive cultural environment. All passions and interests are catered for, including photography, film, music, theatre and the fine arts.


Student associations and clubs

Student social life is coordinated and run by the Bureau des Elèves (Student Union), which represents the student body in front of the School Management and the other students.

Student social life at IMT Lille Douai is organised into 4 bureaux:

    • The Students’ Bureau runs the Gala Committee, the Foyer-Bar (table tennis table, billiards, table football, etc.), the newspaper, the Engineering Committee and the Traditions Committee, among other things
    • The Arts Bureau runs various clubs and committees, such as the Oenology Committee, the Magic Club, the Film Club, the Photo Club, role-playing and the Comic Club
    • The Sports Bureau participates in organising sport at the school and is also responsible for the Cartel and Course Croisière Edhec Committees and the girls’ pom pom group

    The Humanitarian Bureau organises actions within the school and supports students with the Eurotandem, 4L Trophy and Telethon challenges.

For budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts : Artemis, the junior enterprises at IMT Lille Douai

The junior enterprise allows students to carry out projects at the request of companies.

Already, a large number of companies have trusted it to produce their Internet/Intranet sites, develop software, deploy their IT resources, design and maintain their networks and perform technical and marketing studies, etc.