Student life

A campus surrounded by vibrant wall-to-wall culture

Lille is one of the youngest and most vibrant cities in France. IMT Lille Douai students are wonderfully well-situated for playing an active part in this exuberant and festive cultural environment. All passions and interests are catered for, including photography, film, music, theatre and the fine arts.



The IMT Lille Douai campus has catering facilities :

On Douai Campus

IMT Lille Douai students can use the school restaurant in the Lavoisier hall of residence. It is a self-service restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner 5 days a week (self-service is closed on the weekends). Kitchens are available for the students who stay at the « Maison des Eleves » on the weekend.

On the menu is fresh, local produce cooked on-site

Students can also organise occasional events (Chinese New Year, cookery competitions, etc.) in the restaurant.

Catering costs:
160€/month (full board 5 days a week)

On the Lille Campus

IMT Lille Douai students can use the university restaurants on the University of Lille campus.

  • Various types of catering: traditional (ready-made meals), pasta bar and sandwich bar,
  • Open midday, evenings and weekends (according to each restaurant’s arrangements), 
  • Entry upon presentation of student card and a single charge of €3.20 
  • On the Lille 1 campus: U.R. Le Sully and Le Cabaret Sully, U.R. Le Pariselle, U.R Le Barois and U.R. Le Recueil. 
  • On Villeneuve d’Ascq: U.R. Flers, Florès Café, Brasserie Culturelle ‘Les 3 Lacs’
  • On Lille: U.R. Debierre, U.R. Châtillon, U.R. Cambrai, U.R. Châtelet and U.R. MAJT