Student life

A campus surrounded by vibrant wall-to-wall culture

Lille is one of the youngest and most vibrant cities in France. IMT Lille Douai students are wonderfully well-situated for playing an active part in this exuberant and festive cultural environment. All passions and interests are catered for, including photography, film, music, theatre and the fine arts.


Sharing, making progress, adjusting, taking on responsibilities… every day IMT Lille Douai gives its students the opportunity to establish their personality in a friendly atmosphere.

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Talent of every kind

The clubs and associations at IMT Lille Douai offer students a variety of leisure activities and give them an opportunity to show their enthusiasm and all of their talents in sport, culture, technology and humanitarian actions.

Campus life

Four associations runs student life and regularly organises major events: the « bureau des élèves » or Student Union, the « bureau des sports », the « bureau des arts » and the « bureau de l’humanitaire ». Students can enjoy events such as induction weekend, ski trips, cultural visits, sports competitions and the graduation party.

Accommodation and meeting places

The school is a very open and welcoming place with a large number of locations where students can meet up and work together, such as the media library, cafeteria, foyer and association premises. There are 170 student apartments on the Lille site in the REEFLEX student halls less than 300 metres from the school, and 825 rooms are available at the ‘Maison des Elèves’ student halls at the Douai site.