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IMT Lille Douai is a major educational player in today’s industrial, digital, ecological and energy transformation, offering a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate studies. Also, diversity is our strenght. By recruiting reputed international researchers and 30% of our students worldwide, we have created an intercultural community sharing multiple approaches to engineering science.

To gain international recognition, from fall 2021, IMT Lille Douai is launching two new Master of Science programmes. Our mission is to mold the leaders of tomorrow who will undertake the coming transitions around the world.

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MSc Eco-Design and Advanced Composite Structures

The composite industry is on the rise

Composite materials help developing solutions to modern challenges such as the pursuit of lightness and performance. Innovation is at the heart of this growing field where numerous materials and manufacturing processes available help developing complex parts, incorporating different functions and with design with far bounded limits.

IMT Lille Douai decided to train the future actors of this highly-technical industry, taking into consideration the ecological transition. During this MSc, the students will be made aware of the composite materials’ environmental impacts and lifecycles, thanks to a real-world scale learning experience.

Douai being at the heart of the automobile and train sectors (Toyota, Alstom…) and Lille appointed as the European Design Capitale in 2020, all the elements are in place at IMT Lille Douai to make this a very sought-after MSc programme.

Get Ready, next starting date for this program : Fall 2021


Materials’ structure and characterisation (7 ECTS)

  • Composites’ material constituents and specificities
  • Market and key figures
  • Technical and economical characteristics
  • Sandwich structure specificities
  • Preform and polymer characterisation techniques for processing modelling
  • Characterisation of mechanical properties
  • Non-destructive evaluation techniques
  • Polymers and polymer structures
  • Materials’ classification

Composite manufacturing (7 ECTS)

  • Exhaustive presentation of composites’ processes
  • Recent developments in composites’ manufacturing
  • Lab Sessions on RTM injection, infusion and autoclave manufacturing

Smart and advanced materials (6 ECTS)

  • Nano-reinforced polymers
  • Bio-based materials and biocomposite materials
  • Smart materials
  • Smart composites and polymers structures
  • Plastics and composites recycling

Mechanics of composites and sandwich structures (7 ECTS)

  • Laminate plate theory
  • Evaluation of unidirectional and multi-layered composites’ mechanical properties
  • Influences of thermal and moisture effects
  • Long-term behaviour and damage mechanisms
  • Structure reliability and process robustness principles applied to composite materials
  • Computer lab sessions

Composite process modelling (7 ECTS)

  • Influence of process and material parameters on cycle times and part quality
  • Interaction between the physics involved
  • Composite modelling project
  • Additive manufacturing, prototyping and augmented reality

Computer aided design (6 ECTS)

Eco design principles (5 ECTS)

  • Recycling and valorisation methods
  • Standards
  • Life cycle analysis
  • Biomaterials
  • Maintenance and repairing
  • Use of recycled materials
  • Decision making

French as a Foreign Language (3 ECTS)

Sport (1 ECTS)

Project: design of a multifunctional composite part (5 ECTS)

Design a composite part from a book of requirements concerning a structural application

Research Project (6 ECTS)

An introduction to research methods and testing in order to deepen knowledge in the field of innovative building materials

IMT Business School tailor made programme (30 ECTS)

  • Sales and business (6 ECTS)
  • Managerial finance (2 ECTS)
  • Intellectual property (2 ECTS)
  • Business Ethics (2 ECTS)
  • MOOC Innovation and entrepreneurship in digital world (6 ECTS)
  • Innovation projects (4 ECTS)
  • Personnal development and communication skills (1 ECTS)
  • Business plan challenge (5 ECTS)
  • French as a foreign language (2 ECTS)

Final-year project (30 ECTS)

Final-year internship to apply theoretical and technical concepts and methods to real construction projects

[1]Syllabuses are subject to change in accordance with IMT Lille Douai’s scientific and educational advances

Skills Development

During this MSc program, you will acquire hard and soft skills that are required to occupy a decision-making role within public or private industries.

  • Acquire knowledge on the different composite components, structures and specificities
  • Understand the composites manufacturing properties and processes to correctly select cost effective manufacturing techniques, tools and parameters.
  • Define a complete book of requirements involving the entire part life cycle (technical, economical and environmental aspects)
  • Lead an innovative project involving composite materials, form the idea to the transfer to production
  • Coordinate and manage a team (R&D, designers, production…) and organize the complete value chain (designer, material and tool supplier, producer, distributor…)

Job opportunities

Design Manager/director

In charge of a team of designers from different technical backgrounds, the design manager organises the resources and the timeline to satisfy the customer requirements in the pre-production stage. He/she identifies technical solutions up-to-date with the evolution of market innovations while ensuring the economic viability of the product. He/she has the capacity to evaluate the social, environmental, financial impacts of the final project. He/she is in direct relationship with the customers throughout the different development stages of the project.

Development project Manager/Director

The Development Project Manager is in charge of the development and/or research on products or processes from the early design stage to series production. He/she understands and assists the customers in defining their needs, and helps them to develop solutions through innovation projects. He/she belongs to a company or an institution, and can gather competencies through collaborative projects, elaborate/validate the technical and financial programme and ensure that the project objectives will be reached. He/she also ensures that the solutions proposed throughout the project are capitalised on and transferred to the different entities or are more widely communicated.

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