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Composites Materials Science and Manufacturing


Hours Credits
Composite materials structure and characterization 28 3
Specific materials (smart, biobased, nanofilled materials) 8 0.5
Composite materials manufacturing 20 2.5
Lab sessions 4
Composites processes modeling 28 3
Mechanics of composites and sandwich structures

Structures and process robustness

32 3
Project : design and manufacturing of a composite part 46 5
Research Project 80 8
Foreign Languages 40 4
Sports 20 1


306 30

Syllabus description

Composite materials structures and characterization (28h, 3 credits)

  • Composites materials constituents and specificities
  • Markets and key figures
  • Technical and economical characteristics
  • Sandwich structures specificities
  • Preform and polymer characterization techniques for processing modeling
  • Characterization of mechanical properties
  • Non destructive evaluation techniques

Specific materials (8h, 0.5 credits)

Physical, thermomechanical and economical aspects, as well as application market of :

  • Nano-reinforced polymers
  • Bio-based materials and biocomposites materials for the living
  • Smart materials

Composite materials manufacturing (20h, 2.5 credits ; lab session : 4h)

  • Exhaustive presentation of composites processes
    • Continuous processes
    • Liquid Composite Molding processes
    • Open mold processes
    • Consolidation processes
    • Long/short fiber thermoplastics molding
  • Materials requirements, type of parts produced and economical aspect of each process
  • Recent developments in composites manufacturing

Lectures are completed with a lab session on infusion manufacturing

Composites processes modeling (28h, 3 credits)

  • Understanding the influence of process and material parameters on cycle times and part quality
  • Interaction between the physics involved (energy, flow in porous media, mechanics, polymerization kinetics…)

Mechanics of composites and sandwich structures (32h, 3 credits)

  • Laminate plate theory through continuum mechanics for homogeneous anisotropic materials and through heterogeneous materials approaches
  • Evaluation of unidirectional and multilayered composites mechanical properties
  • Influences of thermal and moisture effects
  • Long term behavior and damage mechanisms.
  • Structures reliability and process robustness principles applied to composites materials
  • Applications through various examples and practical analytical works.
  • Applications using commercial designing software on realistic parts.

Project : Design and manufacturing of a composite part (46h, 5 credits)

Through this project, students are invited to apply the different knowledge presented in the other lectures. From a book of requirements concerning a structural application, students should design a composite parts by :

  • Proposing a geometry and the material used
  • Defining the laminate structure and justify its mechanical response using adapted analytical or numerical tools
  • Choosing the manufacturing process and evaluate the cycle time
  • Determining the investment requirements and part cost analysis
  • Manufacturing of a prototype

Research Project (80h, 8 credits)

Students are proposed to choose between :

  • A research project concerning at least on of the following :
    • material characterization
    • Process development and/or optimization
    • Part development
  • An innovative and creative project where the student
    • Propose an innovative part and a short competitive study
    • Analyze the different functions and propose a design
    • Define the manufacturing steps and a short economical study
    • Manufacturing of a prototype

Complementary activities (60h, 5 credits)

  • 2 Languages (including French for foreigners), 4 credits
  • Sports (selection among 15 disciplines), 1 credit


For more information about the semester « Composites materials », please contact Mylène LAGARDERE

To apply, please contact Karine KOMINIARZ, + 33 327 71 26 39