Semester for exchange students

IMT Lille Douai has developed a range of programs provided in English.

International students get the opportunity to study semesters totally taught in English.


Embedded systems and Information Systems


Hours Credits
Architecture  of Industrial Automation Systems 38 4
Embedded Operating Systems 38 4
IT Security 14 1.5
Programming in J2EE 32 3
Metamodeling and metaprogramming 12 1
MOOC Live Object Programming in Pharo 35 3.5
Research Project 80 8
Foreign Languages 40 2
Sports 20 1


309 30

Syllabus Description

Architecture of Industrial Automation Systems (38h, 4 credits)

  • hardware architecture and low-level programming of embedded systems
  • VHDL modeling language
  • FPGA platform
  • microcontroller programming (family of DsPIC30F microcontrollers)

Embedded Operating Systems (38h, 4 credits)

  • mechanisms which are used to manage tasks and system resources (memory and IOs)
  • generalist embedded systems in the context of processes automation
  • type of operating system / hardware platform couple

IT Security (14h, 1.5 credits)

  • basics of information security

Programming in J2EE (32h, 3 credits)

  • component through different models
  • Java components introduced by Sun in J2EE

Metamodeling and metaprogramming (12h, 1 credit)

  • Magritte framework will be discussed

MOOC Live Object Programming in Pharo (35h, 3.5 credits)

  • Pharo is a pure object-oriented programming language in the tradition of Smalltalk.
  • Pharo’s Web stack
  • fundamental programming concepts and the way Pharo uses them
  • coding idioms and Design Patterns

Complementary activities (60h, 5 credits)

  • 2 Languages (including French for foreigners), 4 credits
  • Sports (selection among 15 disciplines), 1 credit


For more information about the semester « Information Systems », please contact Sanda LEFTERIU

To apply, please contact Karine KOMINIARZ, + 33 327 71 26 39