Let’s innovate together. Because technological advances and new uses confer undeniable competitive advantages, IMT Lille Douai works alongside companies from the idea through to the final product. The entire innovation cycle is covered by the five key stages of innovation. 

Fundamental research

Upstream, the fundamental research offered by IMT Lille Douai allows your company to take an in-depth look at the phenomena of one of your issues. The theoretical and experimental approaches used increase both scientific and technical knowledge.

Industrial research

The design of a product, process or service requires scientific and technical bases developed by IMT Lille Douai. The research undertaken helps your business take a technological leap in front of your competitors.

Experimental development

A future product, process or service starts with the prototype. Your company vision still needs to conveyed by a first validation under laboratory conditions. This is where the expertise of IMT Lille Douai researchers comes in, to give you the knowledge and expertise you require, both scientific and technical. 

Development under production conditions

From R&D in the laboratory to implementation in the context of company production, there is a step that IMT Lille Douai helps you to achieve. Its researchers will enable you to adapt the results obtained according to your company’s actual production conditions. 

The implementation

What if you equip your products, processes or services with technologies resulting from R&D which have already proved their effectiveness? IMT Lille Douai researchers ensure a set-up that is adapted to the characteristics of your company and the expected performance level.

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