Thanks to the many associations., life for IMT Lille Douai engineering students is also lively outside of class.

Enjoy discovering, meeting, developing and getting involved in festive, cultural, sporting, entrepreneurial or humanitarian projects. Everything is coordinated and led by the student office.

4 offices to choose from

The particularly rich associative life of IMT Lille Douai is organised around 4 offices:


Junior Enterprises

Budding entrepreneurs have the opportunity to get involved in Artemis, IMT Lille Douai’s junior enterprise. It is in contact with a number of French and foreign companies to enable student engineers to carry out paid projects. The structure is also accredited by the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises.

Creation of Internet/Intranet sites, software development, deployment of computer fleets, design and maintenance of networks, completion of technical and marketing studies… there is no shortage of projects enabling you to take a first step in the professional world.

IMT Lille Douai Alumni

IMT Lille Douai has more than 14,000 graduates all over the world and an active network of 6,000 members.

IMT Lille Douai Alumni, the alumni association, plays an essential role to:

  • Boost the links between students and former students
  • Help with the placement, development or career change of its members
  • Promote scientific and technical exchanges
  • Supporting students during their schooling (professional days, thematic conferences, employment seminar, etc.)